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Kidlat Tahimik
In the past three decades, the self-taught Philippine filmmaker Kidlat Tahimik has become a truly seminal figure within international underground cinema. Heavily influenced by his experiences growing up in the shadow of American military bases and the cultural colonialism they brought with them, his prize-winning first film, Perfumed Nightmare, of 1977, came to international attention thanks to Francis Ford Coppola and Werner Herzog, who assisted with its distribution. It announced Tahimik’s enduring subject, creation and destruction, specifically in terms of his country’s troubled history and how local community and old insular ways of life have come into conflict with powerful and invasive foreign cultures. Taking a brilliantly surreal, low-fi experimental approach to telling stories, he looks at what is lost and asks what can be saved in his ongoing video diaries. His ever-expanding 30-year film project Memories of Overdevelopment, made with the help of friends, family and visitors to the island, tells the story of a Filipino slave’s round-the-world journey.
Free-My-Inner-Duwende 101 (Film Screening)
In this evening session, Kidlat Tahimik will screen some of his unique, open-ended films and documentaries. There will be discussions around these films as well as a performance by the artist.

Price: £10
Concessions: 50% off (limited availability)

Venue: Hayward Gallery Lecture Theatre

Approximate duration: 4 hours