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Lucy + Jorge Orta
(b.1966, Sutton Coldfield, UK) + Jorge Orta (b. 1953, Rosario, Argentina)
Lucy + Jorge Orta's collaborative practice deals with humanity's fundamental needs. Their sculpture and painting, installations and interventions, performances and workshops explore issues such as water, food, shelter, mobility and communication. In focusing on issues that affect all our lives, their stated goal is to 'help change people's attitudes and habits, activate debate ... and even change current legislation.' Their projects have included the creation of portable minimum habitats; an investigation of the food chain in global and local contexts; and participatory artworks centering on the ritual of dining and its role in community networking, as well as works that raise awareness about organ donation, and the global emergencies concerning water and the environment.
Cloud Architecture
Lucy + Jorge Orta lead a two-day workshop on Cloud Architecture. The artist duo describe Cloud Architecture as invented living spaces designed 'for social interaction that can change according to use, and are built with recycled or sustainable materials.'
The course is introduced by a discussion seminar, followed by hands-on workshop constructing Cloud Architecture maquettes.

Price: £20 (2 days)
Concessions: 50% off (limited availability)
Venue: Hayward Gallery Room 2

Duration: The course lasts the full day on Monday (until 5pm) and then three hours on Tuesday morning.

Suitable for ages 18 and upwards.