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Yael Bartana
(b. 1970, Kfar Yehezkel, Israel)

In her photographs, films and installations Yael Bartana explores the imagery of cultural identity. Using her homeland, Israel, as ‘a sort
of social laboratory, always looking at it from the outside’, she examines social rituals and structures and scrutinises ideas of nationalism, statehood and Zionism. In her work the questions she returns to again and again are: ‘What if politicians could work with their imagination and use artistic tools? How can artists use political strategies in their works?’Her film trilogy, ... And Europe Will be Stunned, revolves around the story of the quasi-fictitious Jewish Renaissance Movement in Poland (JRMiP), which calls for the return of 3 million Jews to their former, pre-Holocaust homeland. Commenting that ‘JRMiP is a social experiment which allows people to connect through culture,’ Bartana explains that the trilogy ‘also plays with nationalism, in that it uses the same tools of propaganda but tries to undermine the nationalism and reflect
on it.’
National Identity Workshop
Yael Bartana will be holding a National Identity Workshop that investigates the relationship between identity and nation-state in a critical seminar format devised by diaspora education specialist Illa Ben-Porat.
Price: £10
Concessions: 50% off (limited availability)

Venue: Hayward Gallery Room 2

Approximate duration: up to 3 hours