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Christine & Jennifer Binnie & Wilma Johnson
Neo Naturism is a performance based live art practice started by Christine Binnie, Jennifer Binnie, and Wilma Johnson in London in 1980. The group was founded in the cultural context of post punk, the New Romantics, Rolf Harris, transvestites, the advent of Thatcherism and the London club scene. An anarchic exploration of everyday and ritual actions, 'common sense' and nudity, and a celebration of their bodies as paintings, the Neo Naturists performed naked wearing body paint in clubs, galleries, festivals and site-specific performances. They resolved to become 'Neo Naturist Octogenarians', keeping their practice going until they reached their 80s but their activities as a group now happen at a much slower pace.

Since 2006 they have been compiling the Neo Naturist Archive which has been exhibited at galleries including the ICA, London and the Munich Kunstverein.
Neo Naturist Life Class
For this class, Christine and Jennifer Binnie and Wilma Johnson run a life drawing class where the role of tutor, model and canvas are interchangeable.
The result will be a performative soup of participation, paint, art and ritual. Formerly known on the club and art scenes of the 1980s as the Neo Naturists, the Binnies and Wilma Johnson reunite for the first time since 1987.
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Venue: Hayward Gallery Room 2

Activities will be held in three phases and participants are free to join for one, two or all three. Please arrive in time for the start of each phase:

10am to 12.30pm
Phase One - morning exercises

2.30pm to 5pm
Phase Two - for Tea Time

6pm to 7pm
Phase Three - Party wear! (Body painting only)

All participants are required to be either completely nude or to attend barefoot. Please bring a towel.

Strictly over 18s only.