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Fritz Haeg
(b. 1969, Minnesota, USA)
Artist, architect, visionary designer and urban gardener Fritz Haeg believes that 'we are obsessed with our homes as protective bubbles from the realities around us', and aims to subvert this state of affairs.

His work has included edible landscapes, public dances, educational environments, domestic gatherings, city parades, temporary encampments and occasionally buildings for people - though he prefers making architecture for animals. His Animal Estates project creates model homes for animals that are unwelcome or have been displaced by humans. Another of his recent projects is Sundown Schoolhouse, a peripatetic educational programme involving happenings, gatherings and ecological iniatives, with workshops, classes, clinics and seminars held in a mobile geodesic tent. Talking about his work, which develops according to his instincts, or what he feels needs to happen, Haeg says: 'I think of it as Trojan Horse art, where it is wheeled out and invades the culture without people being aware of where it came from.'
Sundown Schoolhouse of Queer Home Economics
Fritz Haeg will organise and lead a drop-in centre for classes, demonstrations, seminars, talks, and workshops related to GLBT homemaking, inspired by the program of 'home economics' developed in the 19th century to educate young women in domestic duties.
The Schoolhouse will take place within and around a geodesic dome installed on the Hayward Gallery’s Western sculpture terrace.

The series will start on 11th June with an introductory talk by Fritz Haeg, Out and In the Homosexual Home, about queer domestic architecture and interiors, also introducing his new project series, Domestic Integrity Fields, of which a London edition will be produced in the Schoolhouse with local collaborators during the program. Haeg will remain in residence for the entire first week (11 - 17 June). Please see his website for further details

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Below is a schedule for Monday 11 June which gives you an example of what to expect (each day has a varying timetable)

Monday 11 June
10am – 11.30am: Morning movement – open yoga session
11.30am – 1pm: Domestic Integrity Fields with Fritz Haeg – bring your old clothes, fabrics, linens, towels, etc. to crochet into an expanding rug for the space while we sit in a circle and discuss whatever is on our minds.
1pm - 2pm: Lunchtime (bring your lunch)
2pm – 6.30pm: Afternoon sessions and activities
7pm - 8.30pm: Opening Gathering – Out and In the Homosexual Home with Fritz Haeg – Queering Everyday Space in London – Domesticity and Sexual Identity with Brent Pilkey plus potluck dinner
Price: £10 per day
Concessions: 50% off (limited availability)
Venue: Hayward Gallery: The Sundown Schoolhouse of Queer Home Economics