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Bonnie Camplin
(b.1970, London, UK)

Bonnie Camplin's myriad interests include Stone Age magic, geometry, feminism, cybernetics, waves and particles, economy and ecology. Believing that 'art is an absolutely necessary response to any situation,' her drawings, watercolours, film and performances reveal her preoccupation with social traditions, history and popular culture. Her recent exhibition SAS was inspired by an old survival handbook, a 'reference bible' of techniques to survive outdoors, on land, or at sea, in any weather, in any part of the world. Re-applying these strategies of Cold War survival in the context of today's fears of catastrophic climate change and ensuing resource wars, she takes this survivalist culture and its rituals to absurd extremes.

Kieron Livingstone is a London-based researcher and creative practitioner, who has worked in a variety of different media, including video, fashion, sculpture, illustration and music. He has been involved with London Scrubbers affinity group, The Nervemeter publication, art and design collective Project Zoltar and the band Long Meg.
Surveillance and Hiding Today and Tomorrow
Bonnie Camplin is joined by Kieron Livingstone and other guests for a workshop considering the politics and metaphysics of the act of looking.
Taking the subject of surveillance as her starting point, Bonnie Camplin will lead a philosophical workshop where – through a series of propositions, exercises and experiments culminating in a round-table discussion – participants will be drawn into a deep meditation on the nature of Mind, Observation and Intention.

The workshop will, amongst other things, include:

•     A technical demonstration of a Spy Drone
•     Observation exercises
•     Auto-identifying on Intention-Spectrums
•     A ‘Remote Viewing’ workshop where participants will ‘Remote View’ MI6 Vauxhall, GCHQ Cheltenham, RAF Menwith Hill and other sites of interest
•     How to make a ‘Subject Access Request’ in order to discover (under the Freedom of Information Act) any information that may be held on you by central agencies.
•     How to look glamorous while ‘hiding in plain-sight’ 

Please arrive at 1.45pm. The workshop starts promptly at 2pm and latecomers will not be admitted.

Price: £10

Concessions: 50% off (limited availability)
Venue: Hayward Gallery Classroom 4

Approximate duration: 3 hours