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Adam Chodzko
(b.1965, London, UK)

Like an anthropological agent provocateur, Adam Chodzko explores the interactions and possibilities of human behaviour. Working directly with the networks of people and places that surround him, Chodzko is particularly interested in working as a catalyst for other people’s imaginations and fantasies , and in examining experiences, places and objects that are perhaps overlooked, marginal, or displaced. He characterises his approach as ‘a provocative looking in the “wrong” place; a search for knowledge through instability.’ By wondering how, through visual means, we might best engage with the existence of others, he reveals the realities that emerge from the search for this knowledge. Involving a range of media, from video installation to subtle interventions, Chodzko’s work proposes ‘new relationships between our value and belief systems, their effect on our communal and private spaces, and the documents and fictions that control, describe and guide them.’
The Disappearing Art Students
A year or so ago a group of art students came to London to work on a project from a new art college in Croatia. In order to create some art from their experience they explored the interior public spaces of the Royal Festival Hall. Either during this process or immediately afterwards all of these students completely disappeared.

Hole, 2008
Image courtesy the artist

In this two-day class, you need to look for traces of these artists' work and also for a trace of these missing people. Where would you begin? I think by looking for anomalies in what is already there.
What work were they making? Why did they disappear? And are the answers to these two questions connected or completely separate?

Your project is this exploration and the art objects this investigation will generate. It can exist in any form - from a three-second performed re-enactment of the 'other you' that you are pursuing an attempt to alter the opening hours of the Festival Hall's Poetry Library.

You might be artists but you also might come to art as ethnographers, sociologists, archaeologists, journalists, detectives etc… Or you might approach this project within any of these disciplines whose practice has just about slipped into being art.

So, you begin by going to a place to create a person who made some work and disappeared.
Price: £20
Concessions: 50% off (limited availability)

This is a two-day class. Tickets are valid Tuesday 10th and Wednesday 11th July
2pm start on both days

Venue: Hayward Gallery Room 4

Approximate duration: up to 3 hours each day