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Michael Landy
(b. 1963, London, UK).
Michael Landy's art raises issues of disposal, destruction, value and ownership and asks questions about consumerism and the commodification of art.

Recent works have included Art Bin, an installation which he conceived as 'a monument to creative failure'. A 600 cubic metre see-through skip was installed in a public gallery into which everyone was invited to throw away art with which they were dissatisfied. 'There's no hierarchy in the bin,' he said. 'All artists are treated the same, and I've left it up to them to interpret what failure means.' Nine years earlier, Landy had made Break Down, the work for which he is still best known because it was so extreme. This project involved listing everything that he owned, and culminated in a two-week performance during which he systematically destroyed all 7,227 items, including his birth certificate, novelty key rings, love letters, artworks and a cherry-red Saab.
Workshop On Destruction
Artist Michael Landy leads a workshop on ideas and practices related to destruction with the assistance of long-time collaborator Clive Lissaman.
Participants are asked to bring one object of personal significance which will be discussed before being destroyed. The remains of all these belongings will be used to create a collective sculpture which will ultimately self-destruct as the process comes full circle.
Price: £10
Concessions: 50% off (limited availability)
Venue: Hayward Gallery Room 2

Approximate duration: up to 8 hours including breaks.