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Dora García
(b.1965, Valladolid, Spain)

Dora García's art explores the political potential of the outsider, the outcast and the outlaw, and in several works pays homage to eccentric and anti-heroic figures, such as stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce, avant-garde dramatist Antonin Artaud and underground filmmaker Jack Smith. When she represented Spain at last year's Venice Biennale, instead of producing a static exhibition Garc’a choreographed an extended performance that constantly evolved throughout its six months' duration. Her project, entitled The Inadequate, comprised objects, conversations, monologues, theatre, silences and debate. It explored marginality and exclusion in art and society and involved nearly a hundred participants who, as representatives of independent, underground, dissident, unofficial, marginal and exiled positions, were all experts in 'inadequacy'. Its intention, Garc’a wrote, was 'to reveal the violent fragility of everything we regard as adequate.'
Write and Perform a Monologue
This intensive two-day course introduces the art and devious dynamics of performed monologue. 

Participants learn to speak one's mind, to prevent interruption and - perhaps - how the brain functions. Warm-up exercises include unexpected examples of monologues, foraged from the darkly comic routines of Lenny Bruce and Richard Pryor, and from classic works by Kleist, Shakespeare, Sophocles, Daniil Kharms, Mary Shelley, Samuel Beckett and others.

Price: £20 (2 days)
Booking Fee: £1.75 (Members £0.00)
Concessions: 50% off (limited availability)
Venue: Hayward Gallery Room 2

This is a two day course. Ticket valid for 10 July 10am and 11 July 10am.

Duration: 3 hours each day